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Quickscribe's convenience legislation manuals are made up of specialized groupings of BC Statutes and Regulations contained in easy-to-use 3-ring binders with special index tabs.

It is our invaluable updating service that truly makes our manuals superior. We carefully monitor legislation year-round and send updates to the manuals automatically whenever the urgency and quantity of changes warrants. We will not let your legislation fall out of date.

Our reputation is built on our ability to deliver these reliable hardcopy consolidations to clients more quickly and more economically than any other source.

BC Wills and Estates Legislation Manual


BC Wills and Estates Legislation Manual

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Developed as a companion product to the Family Legislation Manual, the Wills and Estates Legislation Manual includes those Acts and Regulations pertinent to estate planning. This manual is updated two to three times per year to ensure your material includes the most recent amendments. Online Version

Table of Contents

· Adult Guardianship Act & Regs
· Estate Administration Act & Regs
· Family Compensation Act
· Insurance Act & Regs
· Law and Equity Act & Regs
· Patients Property Act & Regs
· Perpetuity Act
· Power of Attorney Act
· Probate Fee Act
· Probate Recognition Act
· Public Guardian and Trustee Act & Regs
· Representation Agreement Act & Regs
· Survivorship and Presumption of Death Act
· Trust and Settlement Variation Act
· Trustee Act
· Wills Act & Regs
· Wills Variation Act

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