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Quickscribe's convenience legislation manuals are made up of specialized groupings of BC Statutes and Regulations contained in easy-to-use 3-ring binders with special index tabs.

It is our invaluable updating service that truly makes our manuals superior. We carefully monitor legislation year-round and send updates to the manuals automatically whenever the urgency and quantity of changes warrants. We will not let your legislation fall out of date.

Our reputation is built on our ability to deliver these reliable hardcopy consolidations to clients more quickly and more economically than any other source.

BC Forest Legislation Manual


FPT Transitional Legislation Manual (Includes pre-January 31, 2004 Forest Practices Code & Regulations.)

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BC Forest Legislation Manual

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The FPT Transitional Legislation Manual includes pre-January 31, 2004 Forest Practices Code & Regulations. Online Version

This comprehensive collection of Acts and Regulations is specifically designed for any professional involved in forestry. Quickscribe carefully monitors the pertinent legislation year-round in order to provide subscribers with amendments within weeks of proclamation. There are usually 4 updates per year. Updates are sent out automatically to ensure your contents remain current. This manual is also recommended as a resource for Foresters in training. Online Version

NEW – Quickscribe recently teamed up with Jeff Waatainen, principle of Westhaven Forestry Law, to publish a periodical interpretative report highlighting the intent behind recent and upcoming forestry legislation changes. This unique report is written in easy to understand language and is a must have for any professional working in the field. This report is available exclusively to Quickscribe clients.

Table of Contents

· Fish Protection Act & Regs
· Fisheries Act & Regs
· Forest Act & Regs
· Forest and Range Practices Act & Regs
· Forest Practices Code of BC Act & Regs
· Forest Stand Management Fund Act
· Foresters Act
· Forestry Revitalization Act
· Integrated Pest Management Act
· Land Act & Regs
· Logging Tax Act & Regs
· Ministry of Forests and Range Act
· Private Managed Forest Land Act & Regs
· Protected Areas Forests Compensation Act
· Range Act & Regs
· Wildfire Act & Regs
· Woodworker Lien Act & Regs
· Logging Tax Remission Regulation

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