Who Is Quickscribe?

Mike V. Pasta

Mike V. Pasta,
President & CEO

Since 1984, Quickscribe has been a leader in delivering innovative and cost-effective legislation services to thousands of professionals across BC and abroad.

Our goal is simple: to use the latest technology to enrich your legislative experience – no matter how simple or complex your task might be.

Accuracy, affordability and a commitment to offering reliable access to the most current legislation in BC is our passion. Making your job easier is our promise.

What Makes Quickscribe Different?

It starts with who picks up the phone. CEO Mike Pasta insists on personally answering most calls that come into the main phone line – a testament to our commitment to personal customer care.

Here are some distinguishing characteristics about our online service:

Who Uses Quickscribe?

Quickscribe's subscriber base is diverse, loyal and substantial.

Our client demographics reflect the fact that we cater to a broad group of professionals with varying budgets and legislation needs. From the independent consultant with a limited budget to the high-profile lawyer who researches legislation every day, our service can be found in virtually every corner of BC.

Some of the more notable and established clients include Courthouse Libraries BC, CLE, most government ministries (including Ministry of Attorney General), Canfor, UBC, RCMP, Crown corporations (BC Hydro, ICBC, etc.) virtually every BC local government and all ten of the largest law firms in BC.

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What is an annotation?

Traditionally, an annotated law will include information about the application and intent behind the sections in a law. While many of the QS Community and Expert annotations will include these types of annotations, we have broadened the definition to also include references to:

By broadening the definition of an annotation, we can deliver a more dynamic, flexible and relevant research tool that will evolve over time and as laws change.

Types of Annotations

Quickscribe 2.0 offers you the ability to make and save annotations as Private (only readable by you) or Organizational (accessible to only those in your organization); both are encrypted. Annotations can also be posted to the Quickscribe Community. These are moderated and some restrictions apply. Quickscribe's Expert Annotators will contribute annotations for the benefit of all users.

In summary, an annotation is any note that offers additional substantive value for our users.