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Kathryn Stuart

Kathryn Stuart

Quickscribe's Expert Annotator – Local Government Legislation

Kathryn Stuart Kathryn Stuart is a partner of Stewart McDannold Stuart and a member of the solicitors' group. She has practiced exclusively for more than 28 years in the field of Local Government Law and Administrative Law and advises clients on a wide variety of matters, including corporate and regulatory powers, planning and real estate matters, FIPPA, conflicts, procedure and issues of statutory interpretation. She regularly drafts all manner of bylaws, leases, licences, tenders, RFP's, servicing and development agreements and has seen to the incorporation of local government owned corporations. She lectures at C.L.E. courses on Local Government Law, teaches a local government law course at the University of Victoria for the School of Public Administration and has been a regular presenter at LGMA, the Justice Institute, Capilano University and other functions of local government organizations. She is the past chair of the Municipal Law Section of the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association. Kathryn will contribute annotations to local government legislation on Quickscribe Online.

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