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Law Tracker – Instant Notification Service

Quickscribe Services is pleased to announce the launch of a free service that uses RSS feeds to notify you the moment new amendments are made to legislation YOU identify as being relevant. Legislation on our site is updated daily so all content is current.

But this unique service offers more than just notification of changes. Quickscribe clients may click on the 'view change' link next to each item taking you directly to the affected section. The section is also displayed in an easy-to-read, colour-coded layout distinguishing how the text reads now, and how it read just prior to the change!

This exciting tool will make your job easier and will help to ensure that you are better informed about the ever-changing law affecting your area of interest.

Sign me up! (*Note, only Quickscribe clients will be able to view the actual legislation.)

View Video of Quickscribe RSS in Action.

This is how it looks when you are first notified of the recent amendment:
This is how it looks when you click [view change]: *Note - only paying client have access to this screen
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You can also elect to be notified of New and Repealed Legislation in the same RSS Feed.

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NEW! Bill Tracker: Do you want to be notified about new and important changes to legislation before it becomes law?