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Posting Policy

For QS Community Annotations
For Organizational Annotations

QS Community Annotations

QS Community annotations (QSCA) will let you share your knowledge and experience on a given legislative topic for the benefit of other users.

All QSCA will be moderated and will require approval prior to posting.


A maximum number of QSCA may be posted by one individual. This number may change at the discretion of QS. You will be advised if and when you exceed this number.

Organizational Annotations

Organizational annotations (OAs) are designed to facilitate collaborative discussion and awareness about legislative issues, policies and cases that may be of interest to others in your organization.

OAs are fully encrypted and can only be viewed by those under your account. While Quickscribe does not moderate OAs, we do have the ability to remove them if they deemed inappropriate by your organization's administrator.


Please contact us if you have any questions about these policies

Private Annotations

You can easily and securely create and save your own private annotations (PAs) throughout the legislation.

PAs are fully encrypted and can only be viewed by you. You can search, edit, manage and delete these as needed.

QS will even transfer your PAs over to a new account should you move to another organization. By default, all annotations are set to private.