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Vol: V  –  Issue: X      Oct. 30, 2006


More Content Added! — Quickscribe continues to add more legislation to your site. Some of the more recent federal additions include the Criminal Code of Canada, Divorce Act and Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, just to name a few!

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Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Mineral Tenure Act Regulation 529/2004 Oct. 12/06 By Reg 274/2006

Forest and Environment News:

Mountain Pine Beetle — UNBC provided with $2.5 million: The provincial government is providing the University of Northern British Columbia with $2.5 million to establish a world-leading wood and fibre multi-site research laboratory to find further uses for trees infested by the mountain pine beetle. The lab, called EvaluTree, is the result of a partnership between the University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), the University of Victoria (UVic) and the Pulp and Paper Research Institute of Canada (Paprican). EvaluTree research will assess, to a much greater degree than currently possible, the properties of wood for the pulp and paper industry, sawmilling and manufacturing. Other projects: The Province is also investing $1.5 million in mountain pine beetle research aimed at protecting the forest economy and environment. More than 25 beetle-related projects are being carried out this year under the forest science program of the Forest Investment Account (FIA). Projects will address priority information needs for mitigating impacts of the mountain pine beetle epidemic. For a complete list of projects funded through the forest science program, download the 2006/07 business plan. Also see: the provincial Mountain Pine Beetle Action Plan; or the Forest Practices Board website.

Softwood Lumber Agreement — NEW!!! 2006 Softwood Lumber Agreement Implementation Information (details) The current softwood lumber dispute (Lumber IV) commenced in April of 2001. From May 22, 2002 to Dec 20, 2004 most Canadian softwood lumber exported to the US was subject to a combined countervailing and anti-dumping duty of 27%, collected by US Customs. From December 20, 2004 to December 12, 2005 the duties collected were 20%. On December 12, 2005, the duties collected at the border were reduced to 10.81%. The 2006 Canada-United States Softwood Lumber Agreement entered into force on October 12, 2006. Effective that date, every shipment of softwood lumber to the United States requires an export permit. All shippers are encouraged to check the DFAIT and Canadian Revenue Agency websites regularly for more information.

See the following websites: BC Lumber Trade Council, Government of Canada or Government of BC.

Safety in the Forestry Industry — The forest industry is taking steps to improve worker safety in the woods. Two years ago, the industry pulled together to set up the BC Forest Safety Council, an organization dedicated to improving the safety record of the sector. This fall the first SAFE Companies, forest sector companies who have met a rigorous, audited standard for worker health and safety, will be certified. SAFE Certified companies will also be eligible for a partial rebate of their Workers Compensation assessments, in recognition of the lower injury rate that comes with sustained focus on worker health and safety. For more information go to the BC Forest Safety Council website.

Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Hazardous Waste Regulation 63/88  Sept. 21/06 by B.C. Reg. 261/2006
Integrated Pest Management Regulation 604/2004 Oct. 1/06 by B.C. Reg 258/2006 and by B.C. Reg. 267/2006
Limited Entry Hunting Regulation 134/93 Sept. 29/06 by B.C. Reg. 269/2006

Labour and Company News:

Consumer Taxation Branch, Oil and Gas Industry — The Oil and Gas Industry webpage has been updated, and contains links to relevant bulletins and other materials that provide information for the industry, including a completely revised Bulletin SST 055: Oil and Gas Industry - Producers and Processors and Bulletin MFT 007: Fuel Used by the Oil and Gas Industry, and new documents including Bulletin SST 126: Oil and Gas Industry - Service Providers and Contractors, Bulletin SST 127: Oil and Gas Industry - Exploration, Discovery and Development.

New Consumer Taxation Branch webpages:

Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Compassionate Care Leave Regulation 281/2006 NEW!
Oct. 20/06
B.C. Reg. 281/2006
Employment and Assistance Act Sept. 29/06 by 2006 Bill 21 s. 3, 4, 7(a) only (Reg 193/2006) Employment and Income Assistance Statutes Amendment Act, 2006
Public Sector Employers Act Oct. 1/06 by 2006 Bill 27, s. 115 only (B.C. Reg. 234/2006) Tenancy Statutes Amendment Act, 2006

Local Government News:

Canada - British Columbia Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund Officially Launched — Applications for funding under the Canada - British Columbia Municipal Rural Infrastructure Fund (CBCMRIF) are now being sought, following the official launch of the new joint federal-provincial program. See the website or the news release.

Local Governments Fight Province For Voice In Power Projects — A total of 33 regional districts and municipalities are publicly voicing their opposition to amendments to the Utilities Commission Act contained in Bill 30. See section 53 of the Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act (No. 2), 2006.

LoGo Notebook — Staples McDannold Stewart has posted two new issues of their newsletter: the UBCM 2006 Convention Special Issue, to mark the conference commencing October 23 in Victoria and their regular Fall Issue which contains an article on the impact of two recent cases on the statutory requirements for consultation during the process of preparing and adopting Official Community Plans and amendments to them. See Fall LoGo Notebook or the Special Issue.

Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Gaming Control Regulation 208/2002 Oct. 20/06 by B.C. Reg. 282/2006
Municipal Finance Authority Regulation 67/98 Oct. 12/06 by B.C. Reg. 273/2006
Subdividable Property Designation (Chetwynd) Regulation 277/2006 NEW!
Oct. 20/06
B.C. Reg. 277/2006
Subdividable Property Designation (Squamish Mile 35.5 Watts Point) Regulation 278/2006 NEW!
Oct. 20/06
B.C. Reg. 278/2006
Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Commercial Transport Regulations 30/78 Oct. 20/06 by B.C. Reg. 280/2006
Motor Vehicle Act Regulations 26/58 Oct. 15/06 by B.C. Reg. 265/2006
Oct. 20/06 by B.C. Reg. 279/2006
Motor Vehicle Fees Regulation 334/91 Oct. 15/06 by B.C. Reg. 265/2006
Revised Regulation (1984) under the Insurance (Motor Vehicle) Act (B.C. Reg. 447/83) Oct. 15/06 by B.C. Reg. 263/2006
Tunnel Transportation of Dangerous Commodities Regulation 174/70 REPEALED!
Oct. 17/06
by B.C. Reg. 275/2006
Tunnel Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulation 275/2006 NEW!
Oct. 17/06
by B.C. Reg. 275/2006
Violation Ticket Administration and Fines Regulation 89/97 Oct. 20/06 by B.C. Reg. 283/2006
Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Interest Rate Regulation 50/2006 REPEALED!
Sept. 22/06
by B.C. Reg. 266/2006
Interest Rate Regulation 266/2006 NEW!
Sept. 22/06
B.C. Reg. 266/2006
Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act Oct. 1/06 by 2006 Bill 27  (Reg 234/2006) Tenancy Statutes Amendment Act, 2006
Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Regulation 481/2003 Oct. 1/06 by B.C. Reg. 234/2006
Residential Tenancy Act Oct. 1/06 by 2006 Bill 27  (Reg 234/2006) s. 55-114 only Tenancy Statutes Amendment Act, 2006
Residential Tenancy Regulation 477/2003 Oct. 1/06 by B.C. Reg. 234/2006
Small Claims Rules 261/93 Oct. 1/06 by B.C. Reg 248/2006
Oct. 2/06 by B.C. Reg 260/2006
Strata Property Act Oct. 1/06 by 2006 Bill 27  (Reg 234/2006) s. 117 only Tenancy Statutes Amendment Act, 2006
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