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Vol: VII  –  Issue: I      Jan. 31, 2008


New Enhancements Completed! — Quickscribe is pleased to announce that the long-awaited enhancements to your Quickscribe Online platform have been completed and will be posted live tomorrow, Friday February 1st, 2008. The new enhancements include:

  • A new "Recent Changes" section strategically located on the main page that will alert you to the most recent amendments every time you log in. From this section you can easily link to the actual legislation text to view how the amended section reads currently and how it read just prior to the change!
  • A new "Next/Previous" page feature at the bottom of each document page.
  • A new searchable Bills and OIC repository. Please note: In the past we only monitored select OICs. Over the course of the next few weeks we will endeavor to work our way back and post many of the OICs we did not provide access to previously.
  • A more prominent "Find Act/Regulation" function.
  • A new more interactive help menu – coming soon!
  • A more contemporary design to better reflect our new corporate image.
  • An enhanced "Amendment Tracker" that allows you to select specific legislation and a specific date range for tracking the history of amendments. As with the "Recent Changes" section, you will also be able to link directly to each amended section to view how the text currently reads and how it read just prior to the change.
  • A new "Quick Search" feature on the main page.
  • A new "Advanced Search" screen which includes new options to search recent changes, Bills, OICs and document titles.
  • A new icon located to the left of the title of each Statute that lists all of the associated regulations.

We hope these changes will help to make your research easier. Please don’t hesitate to contact our office directly if you have any questions or require assistance using the new features. Further exciting enhancements are planned for later this year – details forthcoming!

House to sit mid-February — The spring session of the Legislature will resume on Tuesday, February 12, 2008.

Worker Safety — On February 1, 2008 amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (BC Regulation 296/97) aimed at safeguarding workers will come into effect. See additional details under "Labour and Company" below.

FEDERAL LEGISLATION — For notification of federal amendments, we recommend you use our RSS feed.

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Energy and Mines News:

Record $416m invested in B.C. mining expenditures — Mineral exploration activity in the province surpassed last year’s record and climbed to an all-time high of nearly $416 million in 2007 it was recently announced. For further information see the News Release.

Legal Considerations in Restructuring Renewable Energy Projects is a new publication by B.C. law firm Clark Wilson LLP. See Projects.

Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Mineral Tenure Act Jan. 1/08 by 2007 Bill 12 ss. 49, 53 only (Reg 380/2007) Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2007
Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Supreme Court Rules (Reg 221/90) Jan. 1/08 by Reg 333/2007

Forest and Environment News:

BC Forestry Safety Standards Must Improve, says BC's Auditor General — A recent report by BC's Auditor General criticizes efforts made to improve safety in BC’s Forestry sector despite a 2003 government commitment to cut the number of deaths and serious injuries. The report makes 15 recommendations. The main recommendation is for the government to assign one ministry to be responsible for implementing regulatory change. See the full article as published in the Vancouver Sun.

Climate Change and Water Users in British Columbia — Consultations with a number of water-using groups in BC in the summer of 2006 showed considerable but not universal acquaintance with signals of changing climate. Public sector managers responsible for long-term resource management and infrastructure investments displayed the greatest concern. All sectors looked to government, and specifically the province, for leadership in coping with what most saw as inevitable change. Reliable, research-based information was seen as a critical input to rational action. Read the document at Climate Change and Water Users.

Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Cut Control Regulation (578/2004) Jan. 1/08 by Reg 369/2007
Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act NEW
Jan. 1/08
c. 42 (SBC 2007) 2007 Bill 44 in force by Reg 407/2007
Hydro and Power Authority Act Jan. 1/08 by 2007 Bill 44 s. 13 only (Reg 407/2007) Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act
Park, Conservancy and Recreation Area Regulation (180/90) Jan. 25/08 by Reg 19/2008
Water Regulation (204/88) Jan. 1/08 by Reg 390/2007

Health News:

Tentative Settlements Reached In Bill 29 Talks — The provincial government and the Health Employers Association of BC (HEABC) have signed four tentative settlement agreements with the Community Bargaining Association (CBA), the Facilities Bargaining Association (FBA), the Health Science Professionals Bargaining Association (HSPBA), and the Nurses’ Bargaining Association (NBA). These settlement agreements resolve all issues arising from the June 8, 2007 decision of the Supreme Court of Canada on the Health and Social Services Delivery Improvement Act, otherwise known as Bill 29. The Supreme Court of Canada provided government with a year, until June 8, 2008, to deal with issues arising from the decision. See News Release.

Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Health Emergency Act Remission Regulation (166/97) Jan. 22/08 by Reg 16/2008

Labour and Company News:

Worker Safety — The Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (BC Regulation 296/97) will be amended as of Feb. 1, 2008. Of note are changes to the regulation regarding safeguarding workers, particularly when working alone or in isolation and working with chemical substances and biological agents. Other amendments relate to occupational first aid, isolation procedures in confined spaces, work platforms and fall protection, and cranes and hoists among other topics. For your convenience we have included the details in this Reporter even though the changes do not take effect until February 1st. You can expect all of the amendments to be posted by the end of the same day they take effect. For more information about workers working along or in isolation, please view the document from WorkSafeBC.

BC Eliminates Mandatory Retirement — Effective January 1st, 2008 employees in British Columbia can choose when they want to retire. The amendments to the BC Human Rights code are intended to protect people over the age of 19 from discrimination on the basis of age. The new changes have been posted and are accessible via your Quickscribe Online account. See also the News Release or the ministry frequently asked questions website.

Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
College Pension Plan Post Retirement Group Benefit Regulation (490/2003) Jan. 1/08 by Reg 408/2007
Employment and Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Regulation (265/2002) Jan. 11/08 by Reg 6/2008 and by Reg 8/2008
Employment and Assistance Regulation (263/2002) Jan. 11/08 by Reg 5/2008, by Reg 6/2008 and by Reg 7/2008
Extended Health Care and Dental Plans Regulation (403/97) Jan. 11/08 by Reg 4/2008
Forms Regulation (315/2005) Jan. 11/08 by Reg 10/2008
Group Life Insurance Regulation (No. 1) (Reg 408/97) Jan. 11/08 by Reg 4/2008
Human Rights Code Jan. 1/08 by 2007 Bill 31 ss. 1 to 5 only Human Rights Code (Mandatory Retirement Elimination) Amendment Act, 2007
Income Tax Act Jan. 1/08 by 2007 Bill 3 ss. 2 and 5 only Income Tax Amendment Act, 2007
Long Term Disability Plan Regulation (409/97)
Jan. 11/08 by Reg 4/2008
Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (296/97) Feb. 1/08 by Regs 318/2007,  319/2007 and 320/2007
Public Service Act Jan. 1/08 by 2007 Bill 31 ss. 6 only Human Rights Code (Mandatory Retirement Elimination) Amendment Act, 2007

Local Government News:

Repealed Condominium Act More Readily Accessible — Thanks to customer feedback, Quickscribe has made the PDF version of the Condominium Act, Chapter 64 (Repealed July 1, 2000 by Bill 47) accessible via the "Selected Documents Column" in addition to its original location in the Archives. Use the "Find Act/Regulation" function to locate the document quickly. Moving it to this location should make it easier to access this commonly viewed document.

Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Civil Forfeiture Regulation (164/2006) Jan. 24/08 by Reg 18/2008
Heritage Special Direction No. HC2 to the British Columbia Utilities Commission (158/2005) Jan. 18/08 by Reg 11/2008
Independent School Act Jan. 1/08 by 2007 Bill 16 s. 21 only (Reg 386/2007Public Safety Statutes Amendment Act, 2007
Managed Forest Land and Cut Timber Values Regulation (90/2000) Dec. 21/07 by Reg 413/2007
Municipal Finance Authority Regulation (67/98) Jan. 11/08 by Reg 3/2008
Port Improvements (Berth Corridor) Tax Exemption Regulation (198/2004) Dec. 31/07 by Reg 357/2007
as amended by Reg 403/2007
Prescribed Classes of Property Regulation (438/81) Jan. 1/08 by Reg 281/2007
Ski Hill Property Valuation Regulation (291/2007) Jan. 1/08 by Reg 291/2007
Social Service Tax Act Regulations (84/58) Jan. 1/08 s. 3.20(7) of this regulation repeals s. 3.20(2)(a) of this regulation, see also Reg 33/2007 sec. 3(e)
Jan. 11/08 by Reg 9/2008
South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Act Jan. 1/08 by 2007 Bill 43 ss. 34-39 only Greater Vancouver Transportation Authority Amendment Act, 2007
Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Criminal Record Check Authorizations Regulation (386/2007) NEW
Jan. 1/08
see Reg 386/2007
Criminal Records Review Act Jan. 1/08 by 2007 Bill 16 ss. 3 to 20 only (Reg 386/2007Public Safety Statutes Amendment Act, 2007
Prescribed Programs Regulation (173/2002) Jan. 31/08 by Reg 12/2008

Motor Vehicle News:

BC Introduces Taxi Passengers Bill of Rights — The B.C. government is hoping to improve taxi service with a new taxi passenger's bill of rights, it was announced recently in Vancouver. Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon said taxis in the Metro Vancouver area will now be required to display the bill of rights on a decal posted on the rear passenger window of their cabs. One of the key elements of the bill is the right of passengers to be picked up and transported to their destination. Under the new trip refusal regulations, taxi drivers will face a $288 fine for refusing to take a fare. See News Release for more information, or see the amendments to the Passenger Transportation Regulation (266/2004).

Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Application of Legislation Regulation (322/2003) Jan. 1/08 see Reg 322/2003 s. (c)
Passenger Transportation Regulation (266/2004) Jan. 18/08 by Reg 14/2008
Violation Ticket Administration and Fines Regulation (89/97) Jan. 18/08 by Reg 14/2008
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