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Vol: V  –  Issue: I      Jan. 27, 2006


Major Enhancements Coming Soon! – Quickscribe is pleased to report that work is now underway on the first of several enhancement projects scheduled for 2006. Based on customer feedback, clients can expect to see the following changes over the course of the next year:

  • New Content! Quickscribe is committed to adding ALL remaining Provincial Statutes and Regulations PLUS adding more Federal Statutes including the Criminal Code of Canada!
  • Adding a hyperlink from each coloured amendment flag Amendment Flag directly to an “older” version of a particular section as it read prior to the change.
  • Improved search criteria – more robust searching capabilities are on the way!
  • “Find Act/Regulation” feature - this will allow you to quickly search for a particular Act/Regulation/document.
  • New “Return to Search Results” function
  • New “Latest Changes” section
Our end goal is to ensure that you not only have access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date and value-added legislation package, but that you are also able to easily navigate through the ever-changing regulations that govern this province. Do you have any other suggestions? This is the time to let us know! Email us your suggestion at info@quickscribe.bc.ca and chances are we’ll make it happen!

New Toll Free Number: In our continuing effort to improve access to our company, Quickscribe is pleased to now offer clients the option to reach us via our new toll free number – 1 877 727-6978.

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Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Adoption Act Jan. 16, 2006 by 2004 Bill 45 s. 33+various only (Reg 350/2005) Community Living Authority Act
Adoption Agency Regulation 292/96 Jan. 16, 2006 by Reg 350/2005
Adoption Fees Regulation 293/96 Jan. 16, 2006 by Reg 350/2005
Adoption Regulation 291/96 Jan. 16, 2006 by Reg 350/2005
Child, Family & Community Service Act Jan. 16, 2006 by 2004 Bill 45 s. 60+various only (Reg 350/2005) Community Living Authority Act
Child, Family & Community Service Regulation 527/99 Jan. 16, 2006 by Reg 350/2005
Provincial Court (Child, Family & Community Service) Rules 533/99 Jan. 16, 2006 by Reg 351/2005

Forest and Environment News:

Forest Expo 2006 – Quickscribe will be an exhibitor at this year’s ABCFP conference to be held Feb. 22-24, 2006 in Victoria. Come by and visit us at booth #42 right next to the registration desk. We’ll be offering a draw for a great prize and we can let you in on some exciting new developments planned for 2006.

Softwood Lumber Trade Update – CVD Duties: The U.S. Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports has challenged the DOC de minimus subsidy determination of November 22. The NAFTA Panel has until February 20 to respond. Byrd: The U.S. Senate has voted to repeal the Byrd Amendment but not until October 2007. The repeal will not affect cash deposits collected prior to that date. For more information please see the following websites: BC Lumber Trade Council, Government of Canada or Government of BC.

SAFE Companies Program – The BC Forest Safety Council has announced a comprehensive industry-led initiative designed to dramatically improve safety in the forest sector. The SAFE Companies program requires all operations in the sector to become qualified as Safety Accord Forestry Enterprise (SAFE) companies. A Forestry Safety Ombudsman is also being created along with a number of Safety Advocates. By endorsing the SAFE Company program, the executives of BC's largest forest companies have committed that their companies and all those who work for them will become certified under the program. Pilot programs begin this spring, and the SAFE Companies program will be fully operational by the fall of 2007. For more information see the Safety Council website.

Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Private Managed Forest Land Act December 31, 2005 by 2003 Bill 88 s. 44 only Private Managed Forest Land Act
Water Regulation 204/88 Jan. 1, 2006 by Reg 549/2004

Labour and Company News:

Labour Bulletin – Click here for Staples McDannold Stewart's Labour Bulletin with the article Court of Appeal Overturns Decision in Hubbard v. West Vancouver (District), Adopts More Pragmatic Approach to Staff Input After Public Hearings.

Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
International Financial Activity Act Jan. 1, 2006 by 2005 Bill 2 s. 4-9 only Revenue Statutes Amendment Act, 2005

Local Government News:

For Local Government Clients Only – Local government clients will soon notice some minor cosmetic changes to their Quickscribe Online account. Specifically, changes to the colour schemes and contact information will now reflect the fact that iCompass is your new point of contact for your online subscription. Rest assured, the overall features and functionality of this program will not be changed.

New Municipal Funding Opportunity for Energy Projects – The Green Municipal Fund (GMF) has a new energy sector funding opportunity to offer municipal governments and municipal energy utilities. This new allocation is a long-term, sustainable source of low interest rate loans and grants for municipal governments and their partners to support environmental projects in six categories: Energy, Waste, Water, Sustainable Transportation, Brownfield Remediation, and Integrated Community Planning. Annual funding caps have been established limiting the number of projects that will be supported each year. See the press release.

New Service Links Municipalities to Sell Tax Certificates through BC OnLine – Beginning Jan. 1st, 2006, customers of the BC OnLine service have one stop shopping to obtain Municipal Tax Certificates through BC OnLine and pay for them out of their deposit account with BC OnLine. "Tax Certificates Online" is a web service that orders and receives tax certificates from any participating Municipal software system based on the property’s Parcel Identifier (PID).

Updated Local Government Fact Sheets Now Available – UBCM has updated its series of local government Fact Sheets in time for the Newly Elected Official Seminars. To access all 30 Fact Sheets in UBCM online library, see Fact Sheets.

Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Evidence Act Jan. 16, 2006 by 2004 Bill 45 s. 103 only (Reg 350/2005) Community Living Authority Act
Local Government Officer's Certification Regulation [repealed] 083/90 REPEALED!
Dec. 31, 2005
Reg 324/2005
Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Emission Inspection Exemption Regulation 320/92 Jan. 1, 2006 by Reg 358/2005
Revised Regulation (1984) 447/83 Jan. 1, 2006 by Reg 333/2005