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Vol: IV  –  Issue: 6      June 28, 2005


Quickscribe Introduces Mining and Energy Package – In an effort to accommodate the increasing demand for mining and energy related legislation we have created a category specifically geared for professionals working within this industry. “Full Access” clients may add this legislation to their account at any time by selecting [tools], [my account], then [add/remove legislation].

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Forest and Environment News:

Softwood Lumber Update – The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) panel decision regarding the West Fraser Mills Ltd. lumber duties was announced. The decision found that the United States Department of Commerce (DOC) determination that it was not required to refund duties paid by West Fraser is inconsistent with U.S. law. The NAFTA panel has ordered the DOC to issue a new determination within 30 days. Read the release: Nafta Panel Finds U.S. Anti-Dumping Determination Illegal

Second CVD Administrative Review – The preliminary determination in the second Administrative Review (AR2) was released on June 1, 2005. Final rates are expected in December 2005; until then, companies continue to post cash deposits at the current rate of 20.15%. See the release: Legal Proceedings in the Countervailing Duty Investigation

Challenge to the First Administrative Review Results on Subsidy (CVD) – On January 18, 2005, Canada requested a NAFTA panel review the US Department of Commerce’s Final Results of the Countervailing Duty Administrative Review. The filing of this challenge ensured that all duty deposits to date remain undistributed until this challenge is finished. See the June 13, 2005 update: NAFTA Challenges and Decisions.

Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic expected to Peak in 2005 – According to a new report by Canadian and BC forest service scientists, the mountain pine beetle epidemic is expected to peak in 2006. It is projected that 90 million cubic meters of timber will be killed by 2006 and 40% of the susceptible pine will have been either killed or harvested. See the Provincial-level Projection of the Current Mountain Pine Beetle Outbreak report.

Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Park and Recreation Area Regulation 180/90 June 1, 2005 by Reg 115/2005
Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Securities Rules, Reg. 194/97 June 1, 2005 Reg. 218/2005 App. H.

Local Government News:

Federal Government Investing $7 Million In BC Harbours – The federal government will invest $6.9 million in repairs to federal small craft harbours in the Skeena Bulkley Valley and throughout the Pacific Region. See the Fisheries and Oceans News Release.

Election Act ADDED!  
Land Transfer Form Act ADDED!  
Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Coal Act
Columbia Basin Trust Act
Energy Efficiency Act
Geothermal Resources Act
Hydro Power Measures Act
Mineral Land Tax Act
Mineral Tax Act
Mineral Tenure Act
Mining Right of Way Act
Ministry of Energy, Mines Act
Natural Gas Price Act
Oil and Gas Commission Act
Petroleum and Natural Gas Act
Statistics Act
Act or Regulation Affected Effective Date Amendment Information
Motor Vehicle Act June 15, 2005 by s. 2,9,17,20,21(c),23 only [2004 Bill 66] Reg 174/2005 Motor Vehicle Amendment Act, 2004
Motor Vehicle Act Regulations 26/58 June 15, 2005 by Reg 174/2005
Violation Ticket Administration and Fines Regulation 89/97 May 31, 2005 by Reg 128/2005