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BC Fire Safety Legislation Manual

Emergency Program Act (1996, c. 111)
Reg. 124/95 Compensation and Disaster Financial Assistance
Reg. 477/94 Emergency Program Management
Reg. 380/95 Local Authority Emergency Management
Reg. 229/2002 Organized Crime Agency of British Columbia Complaints and Operations

Fire Department Act (1996, c. 143)

Fire Services Act (1996, c. 144)
Reg. 175/2006 British Columbia Fire Code
Reg. 123/94 Fire Services Fees
Reg. 179/78 Local Assistant Fee

Fireworks Act (1996, c. 146)
Reg. 294/69 Designated Areas

Safety Standards Act (2003, c. 39)
Reg. 136/2004 Administration Delegation
Reg. 49/2011 Alternative Safety Approaches
Reg. 99/2004 Boiler Code Adoption
Reg. 100/2004 Electrical Safety
Reg. 101/2004 Elevating Devices Safety
Reg. 102/2004 Fee Setting Criteria
Reg. 103/2004 Gas Safety
Reg. 129/2005 Monetary Penalties
Reg. 104/2004 Power Engineers, Boiler, Pressure Vessel and Refrigeration Safety
Reg. 105/2004 Safety Standards General

Related Environmental Management Act Regulation:
Reg. 145/93 Open Burning Smoke Control