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Local Government Legislation Manual Volume 1a

Community Charter Transitional Provisions (2003, c. 52)
Reg. 429/2003 Community Charter Interim
Concordance: Local Government Act to Community Charter

Local Government Index (2007 Revised Edition)

Community Charter (2003, c. 26)

Community Charter Regulations
Reg. 307/2007 - Additional Municipal Powers Aeronautics Act Agreements
Reg. 358/2007 - Approval of the Electors Exemption
Reg. 370/2003 Assessment Averaging and Phasing
Reg. 86/2004 Buildings and Other Structures Bylaws
Reg. 367/2003 Bylaw Revision
Reg. 425/2003 Community Charter Bylaw Enforcement Ticket
Reg. 371/2003 Converted Value Percentages
Reg. 427/2003 Definition of "Wildlife"
Reg. 130/2010 Development Cost Charge Amendment Bylaw Approval Exemption
Reg. 366/2003 Disposal of Property in Police Possession
Reg. 42/2006 Dispute Resolution
Reg. 485/83 Industrial and Business Property Exemption
Reg. 254/2004 Municipal Liabilities
Reg. 426/2003 Municipal Tax
Reg. 42/2004 Public Health Bylaws
Reg. 330/2003 Responsible Minister
Reg. 245/2004 Resumption of Highways
Reg. 368/2003 Short Term Borrowing Limit
Reg. 144/2004 Spheres of Concurrent Jurisdiction Environment and Wildlife
Reg. 329/96 Taxation Rate Cap for Class 2 Property